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How to deal with jealousy in siblings?

Wondering how to deal with jealousy in siblings? Read on to get a swag of tips for
getting through the next round of “But mama, she’s breathing my oxygen!”
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Have you seen our amazing new nursing dresses?

If you haven't, then you're missing out!
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Baby Sleep Expectations - Part 1

Do you have realistic baby sleep expectations? Read on for more about the realities of sleep for your littlest loves…
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How to choose the perfect nursing sports bra

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Early Signs Of Labour

What are the early signs of labour? Nope, it’s not your waters breaking! Read on to find out the top signs bub is coming soon!

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What do you really need? The ultimate hospital bag checklist

There are two types of women in the world: those who pack their hospital bags at 20 weeks ‘because time flies’ and those who pack it in between contractions – also ‘because time flies’. No matter which camp you fall into (and we love you all here at Maze), there are certain things you’ll need for your trip to the maternity ward. I’ve popped together the ultimate hospital bag checklist, so you don’t even have to think about it – just pack the stuff and get on your way when the time comes. Check it out…

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Self Care For New Mums (and mums to be)

You probably won’t notice you’ve stopped doing this, but now you’re a mum, looking after yourself is still super important. Maybe even more important than it used to be way back in the day when you had the time and inclination to do it. While your focus might be getting pulled in a million different directions, the truth remains: you’re still here, you still matter and your health and wellbeing is a priority. So many of us mums get sucked down a rabbit hole of self-neglect so deep it can literally take years to clamber back out. Add to that those of us with multiple kids, jobs, partners and even friendships that need attention – where is the headspace left for us? I have to admit it, there was a year or so there, where I just completely forgot to look after myself. Like, at all. It’s an easy habit to slip into.

Self care for new mums is so essential, especially when it means setting up good habits for the long term. So how do we do it? How do we get ouroxygen masks on first?

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Life with a newborn

So what is life with a newborn actually like? Read on for the top three surprises I found as I started my journey into motherhood (SPOILER: it’s a wild ride)
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Nutrition During Pregnancy

Advice on nutrition during pregnancy is absolutely everywhere. Read on to discover our three top tips for this important time in your life!
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3 Ways to Form New Friendships After Becoming a Mum (and how to nurture your old ones!)

When you become a mother, everything changes. Your body, your lifestyle, your partnership, your career…..everything! Something that usually takes a big hit-sometimes unexpectedly- is your friendship circle.
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How To Set Healthy Boundaries When You're Expecting.

Communicating your expectations and boundaries can feel like navigating landmines as you deal with other people’s expectations of how they’d like to be involved in baby’s life. Tread carefully and sensitively as after all, by the time they are toddlers, maybe that once a week sleepover won’t seem like such a bad idea!

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Motherhood and balancing life with new mum Krystal

I think I was a crazy mum! The day Levi came out of hospital I took him to a 1st birthday party. I have never been one to just sit down at home as I feel like I get cabin fever. I find getting out made my head feel a lot clearer.

My advice is to be prepared. I always have spare clothes, nappies, wipes, dummies, teethers and toys all packed in my baby bag so all I need to do is pack a lunch box and leave.
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