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September 05, 2018

This week we chatted to one of our gorgeous Maze ambassadors, Ashy Rauicava about all things mum-life, workouts and how she feels about baby number two being on the way.

Ashy is mum to Buddy and is expecting her second child later this year making it two under two, just in time for Christmas. But as you’ll read, Ashy is taking motherhood, pregnancy and life all in her stride…..


How do you fit in workout time with busy family life?


It’s not easy, I’ll say that. Mornings are chaotic in the Raui household and in the afternoons I’m too exhausted being pregnant and having a toddler running around so I make sure I do at least three mornings a week at the local gym. I put Buddy into the gym crèche-he loves it and so do I. It’s good for my sanity ha ha! I definitely feel like I am about to lose my mind at times so it’s important to stay active and healthy. Even just walking to and from the shops, instead of driving, makes a huge difference in my day I find.


Who are your inspirational fitness personalities?


Any one doing a booty workout I can find haha. I tend to watch my closest friends more than any big Instagram accounts purely because they’re more on my level. I just can’t commit to these big-timer’s workout plans...I’m hopeless. Although I love to follow any dance pages and have a little boogie at home with my husband and son.


How has this pregnancy been so far compared to last time? 


Errrm next question...

Haha no it’s not so bad. I do know the hospital staff by name and would love my energy to come back but I still sit back and admire my little bump growing away. There’s a strange joy that comes with feeling sick during pregnancy because you know that it’s because your little darling is consuming all your goodness and I’m totally fine with that! I definitely have my money on a little girl this time though but we will soon see.


What is your best advice to other mums when it comes to self-love? 


Oh my. It’s a hard one because we are all so different. I’ve definitely had my days where I wasn’t stoked with what I saw but it’s not long before I remember why my body is different now. I’m a super woman, I’m fiercely beautiful, I’m a Mum. Nothing is more stunning than a strong Mumma. Not just physically; mentally. Watching a mother admiring her children play is gorgeous in my eyes. Love your curves, stretch marks and good old acne, it’s all a part of your journey!


What are you most looking forward to with baby number 2?


The struggle. As funny as that sounds. I just thrive on challenges. Being rushed. Having too much in my plate, it keeps me alive and I just handle it. I think we all do. Somethings can seem impossible. I mean we push a watermelon out for god sake but, somehow, we just do it like a boss. That’s me, just taking everything on head on and I can’t wait to be run off my feet. Such an exhilarating feeling when you accomplish one crazy day...don’t you think?!


Thanks for chatting with us Ashy! We wish you all the best for the remainder of your pregnancy and eagerly await the arrival of your new baby. Just for the record, our money is on a little girl this time.


If you’d like to follow Ashy on Instagram you can find her here








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