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February 18, 2021

We’ve been branching out around here…

The struggle is real. Finding flattering, fashionable, boob-accessible clothes
when you’re breastfeeding is nigh-on impossible! Generally speaking, your
choices for nursing dresses are pretty limited. And forget about it if you don’t
live in a big city! Wrestling with unhelpful, not-fit-for-purpose garments that
bare your bits in public and leave you in a sobbing heap when bub is hungry
and just can’t get access to the good stuff is decidedly un-fun. You deserve to
feel gorgeous and in control during this beautiful period in your life, not
harassed and overly exposed! So, you know what? I did something about it...
Haaaave you met our Maze Activewear nursing dresses?


The Rach Nursing Dress

If you haven’t met her yet, this is ‘The Rach’. I designed her so she would be
effortless to wear, and perfect for feeding wherever you are. Featuring a
button-down front, hidden pockets (my fave!) and lightweight material that
flatters your changing shape, The Rach is a total nursing mama winner. In
two fashionable colours, this lightweight number will have you sorted for your
first night out with the girls, or simply for getting through the errands of the


The Lulu Nursing Dress

Elegant, feminine and oh-so floaty, Lulu is a personal favourite of mine.
Beautifully cut to be flattering on any shape, you can get into practice wearing her before bub has even arrived! (how’s that for flash?!) Her shirred waist and
flutter sleeves highlight your best assets and leave you feeling your best in a
time where we could all do with a confidence boost. (She pairs perfectly with
a mum bun!) And just in case there wasn’t enough to love about her already,
those things down there are pockets… the thing literally every dress should


The Wild One Nursing Dress

Stand back, ladies, this one’s mine! I’m so in love with everything about this
dress! The print is obviously a winner, but then you have those gorgeous
sleeves, that flippy, frilly hemline… Ahhh… It’s all there! You could just as
easily slap on a pair of heels as a pair of squeaky white trainers and pull off
the look effortlessly. Made of lighter-than-air cotton, this nursing dress is
ready for action!


You’ll be nursing for a while, right? You’re going to need more than one
nursing dress in your collection. I’ve made it easy and super affordable by
creating bundles for you. Take advantage today, and get your breastfeeding
fashion game sorted with the click of a button.

Take care of yourself, mama!
~ Sinem xo

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