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March 25, 2018

The long wait is over, your beautiful baby is finally here and you’ve spent the first few months in that wonderful baby bubble. Weather it’s been bliss or the steepest learning curve of your life (probably both), chances are as the fog of new motherhood starts to lift you may be looking around the landscape and wondering “What now?”  

It’s no secret that the monotony of feeding, burping, changing and soothing on repeat is a big adjustment to make, especially if before your bundle of joy arrived you had been enjoying a busy career and an active social life. Fear not! Once the blur of the newborn phase has passed there are some simple things you can try to get you feeling like your old self again.

As always, before starting any form of exercise, always consult your health care professional. These suggestions aim only to inspire you are by no means a substitute for the professional advice of medical providers.  

  1. Take advantage of incidental exercise

Dopamine, fresh air and the thrill of getting that blood pumping again; no need to hit the gym, just hit the housework! Squat between pegging tiny singlets, walk the pram to the shops instead of taking the car or put on your favourite tunes and have a dance around the kitchen while bubs watches you make dinner. It may sound twee but accomplishing your daily chores in an energetic and motivated fashion will give you a much needed mood boost following a sleepless night. Your bub will love having some tummy time under the tree while you pump out a few push ups and you will feel like a next level multi-tasker.

Hot tip: Pop your runners beside your bed before you fall asleep at night. That way they are more likely to make it on to your feet in the morning and you will be dressed for success without even trying!

  1. Connect with your community

Mother’s groups not really your style? There is a huge community of women that find library story times and playgroups a snore fest. Why not join a mum’s book club or regular wine meet up with like minded mums in your area? It will give you a chance to get out of the house and have conversations with other adults as well as give you a mental break from the constant demands at home.

The same goes for popping bub into a baby carrier and hitting up your local art galleries or sculpture parks. He will happily snooze while you enjoy getting your dose of culture. Getting out and about is a great way to meet other people who may be experiencing those new-parent feelings of displacement too.

If getting out and about is a bit impossible at the moment then make the most of online communities and forums until leaving the house for longer spells is achievable again.  

  1. Make time for yourself and your goals

Perhaps the most challenging task of being a mum is working out what your next step is. Lots of women use their maternity leave to launch a passion project or start-up. Others find it gives them space and time to get involved with their community in fundraising or volunteering. Whatever you are wanting to do next will take time and the support of those around you. Set your boundaries early on and don’t fall for the sneaky tricks of mother-guilt. Your dreams and ambitions are just as important as everyone else’s so dream big and go for it!

There you have it; our three top tips for getting your groove back. Which one will you try today?  

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