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January 29, 2021

How to choose the perfect nursing sports bra

We’ve all been there. The predicament between taking care of ourselves and the convenience of nursing on the go. All of us new mums desperately want to head out for a bit of exercise, but the nightmare of trying to wrestle a supportive sports bra and a screaming, hungry baby? Uhhh… nope. I think that’s my favourite thing about ournursing sports bras here at Maze Activewear: they’re designed for purpose, by someone who’s been right there in the trenches, publicly wrestling the screamer, breasts akimbo (the joys). It’s not exactly how I’d choose to spend my time, and I’m so glad there are better options now than when I was a first-time mum. My first nursing sports bra was a revelation. So for the uninitiated, here’s what to look for…

1. Easy access

Now before your partner gets all excited at the prospect of a bra with ‘easy access’, hose them down. It’s not for them. Our nursing sports bras have been designed to make it super fast and easy to get in and out of (for mum) and equally so for getting at those milk makers (for bub). With hook clasps round the back, you’re far less likely to pull a muscle trying to get in and out compared to a traditional sports bra. Add to this round the front, the extra layer secured with an easy-to-operate clasp for a quick snap-n-go feed situation and you’re onto a happy mum/bub combo winner!

2. Double lining

Our double lining serves 2 main purposes.The first is as the last line of defence for leaks. Our absorbent materials are great at moisture wicking, but if you’re a ‘super leaker’ (we feel for you), you can always attach breast pads to the lining. (*NB on this note, if you’re struggling with sore nipples, it’s also a great way to securely house some cooling gel discs and give yourself a bit of relief!)

Part 2 of the chronicles of ‘why a double lining is good for a nursing sports bra’ is as follows: discretion. As mums, even before the birthing process, we lose just a little bit of dignity with every weird new thing that happens (hello stretch and sweep and onwards…) Having even a modicum of coverage as we’re publicly bearing our breasts for our hungry tiny people, claws back a bit of that lost dignity and even offers a little privacy. Getting used to the sight of your exposed through the second layer might take a minute, but once kiddo’s attached, you’re covered, comfortable, and staring Nancy over there has nothing to clutch her pearls at… 

3. Support

Last but certainly not least, our nursing sports bras provide the thing you need most in this world as a new mum with totally changing breasts… support. From our thoughtful design to distribute the weight of your breasts evenly to the full cup coverage at the front, you will be held firmly (but not tightly) and supported from all angles. No back pain or sagging here!

So if you’ve been wondering how to make your life easier as a new mum, why not take one of our nursing sports bras for a spin and experience the revolution for yourself! They’re ready to purchase in a huge range of sizes and colours from theMaze Activewear shop.

In the meantime, take care of yourself, Mama…

~ Sinem xo

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