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May 23, 2018

After having a baby, women are faced with many challenges in having time for themselves to exercise. The constant demands of a baby teamed with the millions of other day-to-day activities requiring attention means that carving out an hour here and there can feel impossible.

There is good news though! We have some tips and tricks to make it as simple as possible to get organised and get your mojo back. Being motivated is not something that happens by chance so take a look at our top 5 tips and trust in the knowledge that the more exercise you do, the more you’ll want to do. Time to get started!

As always, consult your healthcare professional before undertaking a new exercise routine after having a baby. The below tips are meant as inspiration and should not be taken as medical advice.

  1. Routine, routine, routine

Babies are not the only ones who love a routine! Having a schedule and sticking to it means you are not sitting around waiting for inspiration to strike. Even the most disciplined elite athletes will tell you that if they waited until they feltlike training, they would never be successful. Make a time a few times a week where you block out time on your calendar for exercise. It’s a non-negotiable! Research shows that it takes a few months to solidify a routine such as this so give it time and stick to it for best results.

  1. Take the guess work out of it

When pressed for time, even simple decisions can take up valuable workout seconds. It may seem boring but if you have a set route for your run or a set outfit for the gym then you won’t waste brain space or minutes trying to make those decisions. Mark Zuckerberg and Barack Obama have both famously admitted to wearing the same outfit (in multiple identical pieces) each and every day. Smart! Map your run, attend the same class each week and establish your go-to gym tee for a seamless transition into your work out.

  1. Set yourself up for success

When the alarm sounds at 5am and you cannot find your runners, the easiest thing to do is crawl back into bed. But you are too smart to let that stop you! Each night, pop your runners beside your bed, hair tie on your bedside table and water bottle ready to go in the fridge so that when morning comes, you will be ready to go. Same goes for prepping a nutritious snack ahead of time so that you won’t be tempted to undo all your hard work once you’ve finished up.

  1. Accountability pal

Meeting a friend for your Pilates class? Not only will you enjoy catching up pre and post session, you are also much more likely to make it there in the first place. Knowing that your pal is expecting you will motivate you to throw on your activewear and get to the studio. Making plans with your bestie will help the both of you reach your fitness goals and stay on track.

  1. Set yourself some goals

Want to run a 10km race? How about getting out of maternity jeans ASAP? Or maybe you are motivated by being able to get back onto your sports team? Whatever your ‘why’ is, it’s important to keep it front and centre to maintain motivation. Register for a marathon and mark down the weeks on your calendar. Change your computer screen saver to your goal outfit. Stick a photo of your soccer team to your pin board at work. The more you see your goals, the more likely you are to see them come true!

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