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May 31, 2018

This week we spoke to Maggie; a brand-new mum to a gorgeous six-week-old baby boy called Jagger. Maggie has always prioritised health and fitness so working her workouts into her new routine is just another challenge that she is taking in her stride.   

First of all, congratulations to you and Brad on the arrival of beautiful Jagger! How have you found your first 6 weeks of being a mum?

Thank you! These first 6 weeks have been extremely overwhelming, incredible & eye opening. Those first few nights at home where I didn’t have a buzzer to press & a midwife that would appear were hard, especially night 3 - I’m sure other Mumma’s can remember night 3 where your baby has two settings: crying or feeding! In saying that though I’ve honestly loved it, you learn new things each day & your confidence just continues to build.


It seems that you've already perfected the art of balancing bub's needs with taking much needed time out for yourself. What advice would you give other mums who feel guilty about this balance? 

Haha I don’t think I’ll ever perfect that balance but I have been working hard at it! I have definitely felt that “mum guilt” but you know what? We are important. We are so important. That’s why we need to make the conscious effort to do what makes us happy as women, because we aren’t just “mum” we are also our own people. Never feel guilty for taking the time to feed your soul, whether that’s going for a walk, reading a book or listening to music. I always wanted motherhood to add to who I was as a person, not take away, so having that “me” time makes me a better person & in turn a better mum. 

How did you go with picking up an exercise regimen after Jagger was born? Any surprises? 

I’m now 6 weeks post-partum so I’ve just started some light exercise. The thing that surprised me was that I am still having to start at such a beginner’s level with my exercise. Although I was extremely active during my pregnancy it surprised me to see how much muscle I’d lost & how difficult it was to connect my mind back to my muscles. In saying that I’m just thankful I can now really start to build that muscle again! 

What motivates you to want to be fit and healthy? Have these motivations changed since having a baby? 

When I feel strong, when I feel fit - that’s when I am at my happiest within myself. I’ve always been an active person & I honestly love getting sweaty! That high after a workout motivates me & also wanting to work on myself physically really helps me mentally & with Jagger coming into my life I know my mental health is super important. I work out for myself, to make myself happy so my motivations haven’t changed - but I think I used to work out because I wanted to look a certain way but now it’s more about my health. I just want to be the best version of myself that I can be physically & mentally. 

Your Instagram followers love seeing your real-life post-partum photos. Who is your online inspo when it comes to healthy mamas? 

I love keeping it real & because of that I get to connect with so many Mummas! I also love Revie Jane - she’s such a fantastic Aussie chick who also keeps it real! I love what she stands for & I can relate to her on many levels. 

Thanks so much for taking time out to speak with us Maggie.

If you’d like to follow Maggie’s journey on motherhood, health and happiness, be sure to check out her Instagram account here:

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