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Post-Partum Exercise: Where to Start

May 24, 2018

Exercising once your baby has arrived can present a new set of challenges for brand new mums. But once your doctor has given you the all clear following your check up, there are some simple ways to dip your toe back into the workout world.

Whether it’s reformer Pilates, boxing or spin that takes your fancy, nothing gets those endorphins pumping quite like getting active. Here are our favourite ways to make sure you are getting a good workout while ensuring that your mum-life is in balance too.

Find a gym that is new-mum friendly

It may sound silly but not all gyms are created equally! Take a few tours and check out the childcare facilities available to you. Usually this service comes with a small additional fee but an hour alone in the gym is worth it’s weight in gold when you are caring for a baby 24/7. Alternatively, look at what gyms in your area offer after-hour classes so you can take advantage of them once another set of hands arrives home. Our hot tip? Always look at the gym bathrooms to make sure they are up to scratch; your post workout shower may be the only one you get to take alone this week, so you may as well make the most of it!

Find your best local walks with accessible surfaces

Have you ever found yourself at the foot of a staircase wondering how on Earth you are going to manage it with a pram? New mums become accessibility savvy very quickly once they have a baby in tow. Do your research first and look for walks with sealed surfaces or boardwalks before you set off to ensure you use your workout time getting your heart rate up and NOT your stress levels. As baby gets older they will love sitting up in the pram and enjoying the scenery so find a few wetland or beach walks that suit your needs. Look for walks with hills and inclines to give yourself even more of a challenge.

Group personal training specifically for mums

What better way to get out and meet other new mums than while planking in the park! There are many group personal training companies that cater specifically to mum and bubs so look at what is on offer in your area. Bring a blanket and let your baby enjoy their favourite toys while you work up a sweat with a qualified trainer. Better still, encourage your bub to have some tummy time while he watches you pump out a set of push ups in front of him. Group personal training is a cost-effective way to get trainer support and enjoy a laugh with other mums. Your baby will probably love being around other babies too!

Exercise apps and online programs

Let’s face it, some weeks it is just impossible to leave the house. Teething, tantrums, bugs or sleep regression can sometimes hold you hostage in your own home for days on end. During those times, accessing online exercise programs or free training apps can be a sanity-saver. Look for free trials so you can test out if this type of exercise works for you. Often the programs call for nothing more than a steady chair and a set of weights. Don’t have weights at home? You can always improvise with some cans from the pantry.

Once you have found the right exercise for you then there will be no stopping you. Go for it!    

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