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August 12, 2018

As the Australian sun begins to make a reappearance after a chilly Winter, it’s the perfect time to give your exercise habits a bit of a revamp. Forget Spring cleaning your house, Spring clean your workout!

  1. Now that it’s a little lighter outside, make the most of outdoor running tracks and cycling paths again. Don’t be too worried if it’s still a little cool outdoors; you will soon warm up. Nothing beats being out in the fresh air and feeling your body work to get stronger and stronger.
    Tip: Be sure to use a good SPF as well as a hat and sunglasses. Even on an overcast day you will still be susceptible to UV rays.
  2. How’s your mental clarity after the hibernation months? Shaking off the dust after a long, cold Winter can be a bit of a challenge but trust us when we say that exercise is the perfect solution to get you feeling sharp! Starting off with some stretching or walking is a good way to start off. Slow and steady wins the race.

You can also look into Yoga or Pilates with a relaxing meditation as the conclusion. In addition, there is a trend at the moment towards mindful movement classes designed to be used in conjunction with your more intense exercise regime. These give you some much needed space to take time out for just for you.

  1. Got a return on your tax this year? Go girlfriend! Invest in your health and use the extra coin to join a class, gym or studio. As the experts say, the best routine to commit to is one you are going to actually do. Lots of gyms now offer free trials or complimentary classes so try out a few and see which ones you enjoy.
    If getting out and about is not your thing then consider buying a quality piece of exercise equipment to use at home. Hand weights or a simple skipping rope can sometimes be all you need to get started.
  2. Spring clean your schedule. What areas of your life are feeling out of balance? Too much work? Not enough reliable child care options? Zero time to yourself? Admitting that there is a problem is the first step to solving it so get real and get honest about how you are spending your time. Then it’s time to look at how your perfect week would look. Bridge that gap by actioning those things that have been on your to-do list all year. Not only will your days be more enjoyable, you will feel a sense of accomplishment when you make positive choices.

Tip: There are app blocking apps (the irony!) to help you curb your online activity. Scrolling social media can take away valuable time from things you really enjoy.

  1. While we’re Spring cleaning, take a look in your wardrobe and do an audit on your workout gear. Anything that doesn’t fit, is uncomfortable or makes you feel anything less than amazing needs to go! Donate it, bin it, reuse it as rags to wash your ride-whatever you do just get it out of your brain space and bedroom and fill the void with some fabulous fresh pieces.
    Get professionally fitted for a pair of trainers while you are at it. Pregnancy can change the shape and size of your feet (sometimes permanently) so it’s important to make sure your shoes are the perfect fit.

Now it’s time to throw your hair into a bun and turn up your favourite tunes. The sun is out, what are you waiting for?

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