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March 25, 2018

While those first few months of pregnancy can have you running for the bathroom morning, noon and night, the second and third trimesters can have you back on your feet and running for pleasure again. Need some extra motivation to get your sneakers on and music pumping? Take a look at our top three reasons to stop dawdling before delivery and how you’ll reap the rewards way you’re your baby’s first birthday. As always, consult your doctor before taking on any type of exercise regime, especially while pregnant.

  • The benefit to your mental health
  • Let’s face it, whether you are expecting baby number one or baby number 6 (or more!) a combination of life changes, hormones and preparing for the addition to your family can make pregnancy a stressful time. Nothing gets you feeling more positive than getting your heart rate up and enjoying all that feel-good dopamine. The best part is that this particular benefit is something you can expect to enjoy not just during your workout but for hours afterwards.

    For lots of women, exercise fosters a positive relationship with their body and at a time when it’s stretching and growing in ways which seem almost impossible, every bit of self-love is vital. Our top tip? Get outside into nature and enjoy getting an extra boost from the fresh air. For extra points, work out with a friend who will let you vent and watch your mental wellness go up several notches in no time.  

  • Preparing for recovery
  • Healthy bodies heal. 24 hours of active labour? Emergency caesarean? Straight forward home birth? Whatever way your baby makes his or her entrance into the world your body is going to have a bit of physical recovery to do post birth. Good cardio vascular health pre-birth will have you feeling back to your old self as quickly as possible as your body heals. That’s why they call exercise ‘nature’s best medicine.’  

    Remember to check in with your doctor at your 6 week appointment to ask when it’s safe to resume your fitness regime and what kind of exercise is okay to start with. Once you’ve go the go-ahead, pop baby into a pram or carrier, grab another new mum and make the most of those long afternoons together. The fitter you have been during your pregnancy, the easier it will be to pick up where you left off once baby is here.  

  • Keeping up with baby
  • Unless you are one of the lucky mums who has a baby who sleeps through the night from 8 weeks old, the round the clock feeding and settling gets very tiring, very quickly. Growth spurts, teething and just needing a cuddle means that new mums (and dads) are on call 24/7 in those first few months. While you’ll probably never spring out of bed for the 2am feed, a healthy body will mean you have reserves of energy to get you through those brutal all-nighters. If you have older children at home, this becomes even more important as you’ll need your stamina for toddler chasing and kinder duty as well as caring for a newborn.

    As your infant becomes a baby and your baby grows into a toddler, a healthy mind and body will ensure that you get the most out of this wonderful experience that we call motherhood. Exercise is just one element, albeit an important one, in looking after yourself so you can do your very best in looking after your family.

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