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November 09, 2020

Hospital bag checklist part 1:Stuff for mum

Mum stuff is pretty straightforward. Obviously, quantities of things will vary depending on the length of your stay once bubba arrives. It’s hard to know because it varies so much, so I’d err on the side of caution and pack enough for a minimum of three nights if it’s your first kiddo, and one if it’s been an uncomplicated pregnancy for subsequent children.

  • Loose shirt/nightie for labour and delivery: Although don’t be surprised if you end up starkers at any point – it’s amazing how decorum goes out the window!)
  • TOILET PAPER: I’m not kidding. If you care for your vagina at all, take the three-ply. Hospitals aren’t well known for their top choices in luxury bog roll, and after the trauma your poor old girl has just been through, wiping it with sandpaper just seems cruel…
  • Loose-fitting and boobie-friendly clothes:nursing tops, or shirts/dresses with buttons,comfy yet supportive nursing bras, trackies or even yourmaternity tights (remember, that six-pack won’t be coming back in over the days following bub’s arrival, so manage your expectations there!)
  • Stuff to make you feel good: this’ll be different for every mama. Maybe it’ll be calming music and affirmations, maybe it’ll be makeup and a hairdryer. Whatever makes you feel good on a normal day… bring that to one of the least normal days of your life (for all the best reasons!)
  • Phone charger: ‘nuff said.
  • Stuff that loves your boobies: nipple cream, cooling pads, breast pads
  • Sensible things: dodgy old undies (the looser the better), normal toiletries, a pen or two



 Hospital bag checklist part 2:Stuff for bub

Bubba’s list is a little easier to nail down…

  • Nappies: lots of ‘em. 
  • Clothes: say, 5x outfits (or more if you know you’ll be staying longer or your newborn is a poonami master…)
  • Wipes: see: poonami master…
  • Burp cloths: on top of being a poonami master, your kid might also be a puker. Best to have something to catch it!
  • Swaddles/blankets: admittedly, bub will probably be spending a lot of time attached to you, but occasionally might be happy to be wrapped up in their crib for a snooze
  • Warm stuff: especially if it’s winter, they might need cosy things like hats and mittens. Keep in mind, they’ve never felt so much as a gentle breeze before their arrival, so use your judgement for temperature control.

  • Good luck and send pics!

    ~ Sinem xo

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