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 We’ve all been there. The predicament between taking care of ourselves and the convenience of nursing on the go. All of us new mums desperately want to head out for a bit of exercise, but the nightmare of trying to wrestle a supportive sports bra and a screaming, hungry baby?

Our nursing sports bras here at Maze Activewear are designed for purpose, by someone who’s been right there in the trenches, publicly wrestling a screamer, breasts akimbo (the joys). It’s not exactly how I’d choose to spend my time, and I’m so glad there are better options now than when I was a first-time mum. 

So if you’ve been wondering how to make your life easier as a new mum, why not take one of our nursing sports bras for a spin and experience the revolution for yourself! They’re ready to purchase in a huge range of sizes and colours.